Ceramic or Granite Tile ?


Ceramic or Granite Tile ?

In the market of building materials, we know the term granite tile and ceramics as a building material that is commonly used as a floor covering material. We’ve often use ceramics as a floor covering. This material trends in Indonesia in around 1990 replaced terrazzo floor that was popular before. Even up to now, ceramic flooring is still one of the popular choices of floor finishing in the middle of the community. While granite tile appears in around the year of 2000.

What is Ceramic ?

Ceramics is one of the materials of flooring are widely used by Indonesian community. Types of floor tiles are made from clay that is coated with glazing. In the manufacturing process materials of clay mixed with kaolin, then burned up to 1000°c. This was done so that burning the resulting ceramic is not crushed if soaked in water. After that is done resurfacing the printing process on top of the tile.


What is Granite Tiles ?

Homogenous tile or commonly referred to as granite tile is actually a form of ceramic. Homogeneous tile and ceramic made of clay and quartz sand as the main material. The difference is in the manufacturing process. Homogeneous tile burned with higher temperatures compared to ceramics.


This process makes homogeneous tile more solid, harder, and smaller pores resulting in more humid and anti-resistant stain. This characteristic is evenly distributed on the whole surface. Therefore it is called floor finishing with homogeneous tile due to the nature and the homogeneous appearance.


The Granite tiles that we often hear, commonly refer to homogeneous tiles. The use of the term granite tile is actually less precise, because the homogeneous tile material does not contain granite rocks at all. But the term remains popular in society because the appearance of the homogeneous tile resembles a luxurious, shiny, and beautifully textured granite floor.


The following table is the differences between ceramic and Granite Tile:

Material Clay and Glazing Feldspar
Size 20 x 20 ; 30 x 30 ; 50 x 50 40 x 40 ; 60 x 60 ; 80 x 80
Installation method No need adhesive Use special adhesive
Absorbent Water ≥ 10 % ≤  0,5 %
Thickness 6 mm 8-10 mm
Weight <20kg/box 25-30kg/box
Price Around 30.000-100.000/box Around 100.000 – 150.000/box


Granite tiles and ceramics do have a similar build base, but if you want more luxurious and robust look, the granite tile is suitable for choice.

In Indonesia, homogenous tile is already widely available, such as the Nara Ceramica and Frontino brands produced by PT Nara Citra Indonesia. This Brand has good quality and suitable for your floor cover material. PT Nara Citra Indonesia sells the latest granite tile products with quality, service, and competitive price that can be ordered through the web and marketplace such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, Bukalapak, JD ID, and can directly contact through WA at number 08888999111.

Nara Ceramica is the best granite tile brand in Indonesia

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